nedelja, 20. januar 2008


When I thought about the word “underwear” the first association that came to my mind was with the color white.
Because in old times it was usually white.

From the hygienic perspective, the white cotton underwear can be wash at 95° C and so it is clinical clean.
I was wondering what kind of underwear women wear nowadays in the everyday life. Do they choose to wear it because of the color, mood, sex appeal, health…? I took portraits of women of different ages, to see the difference between young and older. I chose eight portraits to represent this project.

Interesting point of view:

- Influence of the media, fashion, MTV, magazines.
- Are they sexually active?
- Are they caring for their health?
- Personality.
- Stage of life (still a girl, in a relationship or not, mother, grandmother)

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