četrtek, 20. marec 2008

Exhibited in ILLUMINATORS in Yekaterinburg Russia

opening 10.4.2008



Performance in public place

The movement of a dancer has the intention to create circles in a space. The circles represent the public system (political, cultural, economical, etc.) that has an impact on our life, with or without our approval.

The “tondo” is a micro system of intimate space, a system that exists among others. I see the intimate and the public structures as closed systems in which we could fit in or not. The movement of the dancer creates a intimate story that is trying to fit in a public structure, but the figure is constantly breaking the perfect shape and creating his/her own ones. The figure represents the autonomy of a living being, with the frustrations that he/she develops in the process of growth.

The main shape – the circle - can be seen as an ocular or as a general shape of life path, that I understand as a repetition in general. As Artists, I think that we have the same path to follow, but we have a larger autonomy than the others. We constantly revaluate the system, we tighten its borders and we account for our actions under the autonomy of Art.

The interconnection between the space of the dancer and the people involved by chance in the performance represent the relations tied in our society, inside the system. In the end: Are these relations under our control? Or, since they are tied in the system, is the system itself that control our relations? Who is the winner? The individual or the system? Is it ours the path in which we choose to walk? Or is controlled by the system of our political, economical or cultural structures? Are we really free in our decisions?

The second part of the video goes backwards: it is the revaluation of a life that ended. What could we do better? Do we accept the past or we are sorry for the things we did? After all, is the power of being still so strong to arrive to our life end with a smile? What means to be significant? And to whom? Did our life as artists have an impact in the society?

Original duration: 42 minutes.

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