torek, 16. oktober 2007

(eng. situAKTion) / 2007

gallery KUH FRANCE PREŠEREN, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The purpose of the photographic series is to have a different perception of those invisible everyday moments which are not seen in our routine lifetime. The central figure is taking her place in a situation hidden to a possible outer viewer, who could see it in a conventional man perspective (the typical Peeping Tom spying a sensual, erotic or sexual hidden scene). This figure is a woman having a normal behavior during the real moments of her life-drama. With situAKTcija I show to the public the hidden nature of these lifetime moments.

petek, 04. maj 2007

Creative 50

Invited to make a project for 50th European Community anniversary, I realized 50 portraits photography and illustrations in collaboration with the designer Renata Šifrar. We wanted to create a creative connection with the people, so we chose 50 people, one person for every single year of life (from one to fifty years old). We took portraits of them and, moreover, we asked them to draw self-portraits. The project was exhibited in the House of European Union in Slovenia.