ponedeljek, 20. november 2006


concept: Maja Slavec
realization and development: Marko Šebrek and Maja Slavec

The shopping centre Gallerija Gosposka (“Gosposka” means “high society”) used for the opening the idea of Cow Parade – www.cowparade.com - but utilizing dummies instead. They invited Slovenian artists and citizens to participate. The project didn’t have any art curator and the organization gave to every participant 100 € for the realization expenses. They said that this opportunity could be a good reference for the artists, because of the exposition to the media. But I didn’t agree. And so I decided to take two dummies - man and woman, black and white - and used them for a video project. Finished the video, I finally sent back the dummies, with a message for the missing curator written on them. On the black dummy was written the explanation of word KITSCH and on the white one a definition of ART, quoting the Slovenian theorist of art Milan Butina.

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