ponedeljek, 20. marec 2006

National Art Gallery Maribor, Slovenia

The circle is a symbol of the cyclic and the repetitive. The inner circle represents the subconscious and the wishes. The outer circle represents the reality.

Since many decades, Barbie is a common and universal toy for girls. For me, it is a typical shown-like-innocent tool with the latent aim to educate a potential future consumer of products connected with the beauty standards. The today girl playing with Barbie will be the tomorrow ideal buyer of the cosmetic and fashion industry. So, the Barbie in the inner circle displays the subconscious wish of every woman. This subconscious effects and worsens the women dissatisfaction with the reality and put her complexes in an increasing process.

In the outer circle are placed the real bodies of the women. They stand on tiptoe, in the usual posture of the Barbie.

The heads of the child on the women bodies symbolized the enigma.

The little girls are not aware of the problems connected with the beauty, because the experiences - at that stage of life – are not in conflict with their external appearance. But when they get to the puberty, there is a switch and their bodies undergo an obvious change. I show my own experience: during the adolescence, the changes of my body were expected as the typical images that the media reinforce, but the opposite happen. This is to say that from the moment in which I am aware of my deviation from the normative image of the beauty, I become mature and prepared for my self control. Anyway, at the same time, I become a part of a consumer chain.

The purpose of the circle is to rotate in the space. It is controlled by the observer, but the final landing of the object is unpredictable. With turning this circle the active visitors put the shapes - women bodies and Barbie - into life. This allows a contact between the inner and the outer shapes.

The fast movement leads to the possible connection between the ideal shape of Barbie and one of the different shapes of the women. This to say that all the women are carrying a fragment of a Barbie inside, but the future is unpredictable. The rotating circle it is like a circle-of-luck. Turn it and wait till it stops. When it stops, the woman that you will be is reveal: one body, one shape. But it is a real one, not an ideal one.

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