nedelja, 01. marec 2009

Women Beauty Power Less


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A well-dressed woman is carrying with her a black box which has inside the sound of the countdown before the explosion of a bomb. She is walking with a resolute gait on the main street of Ljubljana during the rush-hour as a Suicide-bomber. With this action she is looking to provoke the people and attract their attention to this possible terroristic attack.

What happen? The people didn’t react to the provocation and they ignored the risk: they felt totally out of danger and they looked at her as an object of Beauty, not as an object of fret.
Someone on the street said “She got a bomb” and then the other pointed out “She is a bomb!” They recognized in her, in spite of all that, the Beauty and not the danger.

At present Slovenia is the president of EU Parliament. The importance of this political position is high. And for this political position also the possibility of a terroristic attack is growing more marked. But the media are not communicating this possibility to the people. So the people are living this political situation in a comfortable way. They are not touched from this important position. They are feeling safe, like nothing changed.

The media influenced the people with an image that is not the equivalent to the reality.
That means that we are now living in a complete simulated condition, where information tells us nothing about reality. The image of the Beauty remains the more important message of the media, in every field of life.
And the Beauty attract the attention of the people also in the street: it doesn't matter what a woman is carrying in a box, which sound is coming out from the box...she's beautiful! The reflection of the representation of the media works in every level of reality. The danger is not touching the people: it's unreal, it is a NON possibility.

Barbara Borčić:

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